Choose Wisely as to Which Social Channel You will put Your Efforts

If you’re anxious to open a social media account on every major platform, put the breaks on!

There are several considerations to examine before committing to a social channel. If you take the time up front to choose wisely, you’re more likely to succeed on social media for the long term.

If you practice impatience and open accounts without having solid reasons for doing so, you’ll soon find that an inconsistent presence and the wrong audience will cause more harm to your brand than good.

Why Social Media?

  • 90% of all marketers say social media marketing has increased their business exposure.
  • Social media drives targeted traffic.
  • Social media gives you a platform to build relationships with your audiences.
  • Your competition is on social media, aren’t they?
  • Social media marketing is the stage by which you can establish your brand as an authority in your industry.

Think like a Publisher!

Once you open up a social channel, you’ll be distributing content just as if you were a publisher– only the medium is a digital platform, not a newspaper or magazine. The concept is similar; however, and thus requires the mindset of a publisher.

What is that mindset? Plan your content and distribution schedule!

You’ll need to sit down with your team and stakeholders and plan out each quarter for the next fiscal year. This way, you’ll keep the core of your social media content aligned with other campaigns and messaging.

Which social channel(s) should you be on?

  • Most importantly, is your audience(s) reachable through this social platform?
  • Are your competitors on this social channel?
  • How many employees are available to devote time to social media marketing?
  • How many hours among employees are available to devote to social media marketing?
  • Among your employees, find out who has the most expertise for your chosen social channel(s)?
  • What is your plan to provide training and ongoing training to keep employees up-to-date on each selected social channel?
  • Does the social platform have a solid reputation? For example, is its data trustworthy? Is it known to have any biases?
  • Is customer service readily available with a real human being should a problem arise?
  • Does this social channel make it easy for you to advertise?
  • Do its analytics provide you with important metrics that help you improve your profile and content?

Popular Social Channels

  • LinkedIn Demographics
  • YouTube Demographics
  • Twitter demographics
  • Facebook Demographics
  • Instagram Demographics
  • Pinterest Demographics
  • TripAdvisor

LinkedIn & YouTube

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