Outsource these marketing must-dos!

Focus more on your product/service development and overall operations.

Web Hosting

Essential Marketing Tasks

  • Are you in the dark about your website’s shortcomings? Order an audit… only $49!
  • Are your website images optimized for search engines using Alt Text and compression?
  • Does your website have a sitemap?
  • Is your website linked to Google Analytics and Google Search Console?
  • Is your Google My Business Profile completed for organic search purposes?
  • Did you update your older Blogs (optimize formatting, tags, and images)?
  • Is each YouTube video description optimized for search and suggested videos?
  • Need help creating your social media posts for Twitter, LinkedIn, and/or Google My Business?
  • Need a single email sent? Need an automation sequence set up? (MailChimp)
  • Want to send a monthly newsletter?
  • Need your LinkedIn profile optimized and help with postings or articles?
  • Graphic design work?
Marketing task essentials - image shows a checklist icon
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