If You Don’t Have Your Google My Business Profile Optimized, You’re Missing Out on Important Organic Search Benefits

In June of 2017, Google My Business announced the availability of a new posting feature that’ll help attract attention when your company shows up in SERPs (search engine result pages). Your listing appears when people are searching for your business or similar businesses on Google Search and Maps.

Why Use Google My Business & Posts?

  1. Get your business to stand out on Google Search and Maps.
  2. Use pictures, contact info, and more to showcase your business when people search online.
  3. Easily manage your business listings online and on their mobile app, even when you have multiple locations.
  4. You can connect with your customers by responding to their reviews or to enhance your ads (if you use Google Ads… can be connected).

Engage with your customers by:

  • Responding to reviews
  • Communicating with customers via text message or calls
  • Get calls and direction requests from customers

You can highlight special events, promotions, product launches, and more on your Google Listing.

Below is an example of search results for a Post I created using the new Google My Business feature.

Example of GMB post in SERPsExample of Blinds Etc. Bend… catchy image.

Example of Google My Business Post

Imagine the possibilities, especially as this appears in organic search results! You can use this new feature as part of your ongoing marketing to catch people’s attention And creating a new post takes just 3 steps.

How to set this up

Image size requirements: Minimum of 344px x 344px. [Updated Aug. 7, 2017] Noticed sizing change this week when edited, so best fit is now 414 pixels x 314 pixels. I tested if I could upload an animated Post and that wasn’t supported (yet!).

1) Go to “Posts” tab in your Google My Business account
2) Create your Post and select a CTA (call-to-action) for prospective customers.
3) Publish your Post and then look your company up in search and you’ll see it’s live on Google!  (Search tip: Do an organic search for your company, not a direct search… e.g. do not type in your domain name; type in your company name in the Google Search bar.

Where to find Post feature in Google My Business account profile

A Post will expire in 7 days after creating it. An exception is an Event Post. Event Posts expire when the Event expires. You can change out the promotion and image as many times as you want.

Up to 2 Posts will appear below your profile listing; however, you can create multiple Posts, a variety of images and video. If you create more than 2 Posts at once, two posts will appear side-by-side in the Knowledge Graph; however, additional Posts, can be viewed carousel-style up to 10 Posts and/or if click “View all” by the blue arrow to the right of the Posts. When they click the arrow, it will take them to all your Post updates.

Example of two Posts side-by-side and arrow to View all.

Example of 2 posts with arrow to view all in Google My Business SERPs.

NOTE:  If you do not consistently create a new Post(s) every 7 days, your Post(s) will not show up with your listing in SERPs (search engine result pages) once it expires. Event Posts are the exception in that they expire when the Event date expires.

Here are the “5 Keys to writing a post” that Google provides:5 keys to writing a post on Google My Business

Google My Business Post form to fill out

Click here for more information on Google Posts content policy.

This is an example of the Post format appearance after you build it in your Google My Business account.

TOOL TIP: Use Canva.com to create your Post graphic. Canva is an easy-to-use graphics tool with many free images or low-cost images and templates, designed for the amateur designer. You can create a Post Template in Canva and then quickly create future Posts for your weekly updates.

Leak Inspection Special at The Driving Machine located in Cupertino, CA, 408-446-9727

View your Post Insights

Another great feature is that you can find out how well your post is performing by looking at the post insights. Here is another screenshot of Google’s guidelines for checking insights:

View post insights for Google My Business posts

Once your business is verified, and you don’t see the Post feature in your left sidebar of the Dashboard, then your Business Category needs to be changed or there is a technical issue. Try changing your Category as this feature is Category dependent but ONLY select a Category that is relevant to your business. If the Category is not relevant to your business, you risk having your listing removed or unpublished. If you have technical issues with your listing, call Google My Business at 844-491-9665 to discuss your profile. You will get help right away, no long holding times.

If you’re wondering how to increase your reach, having an optimized Google My Profile is an essential listing to manage.

There are many nuances to Google My Business that are not readily apparent. With the fallout of Google+ exiting and Google My Business entering center stage in the Google Search ecosystem, it’s essential to optimize your listing and your Posts.

If you don’t have the expertise or the time, outsourcing your Google My Business listing is an option.

Managing Google My Business Postings is a service I offer.

Schedule a call here or reach out via email.


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