Just aim and market!

I often meet with small business owners who have shared that their marketing is on and off, anything but consistent. I’m able to get them to understand that marketing is about building relationships with their customer base and no relationship can grow if it’s inconsistent. Commonly, small business owners want to know “Where do I […]

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How to Like a Facebook business Page from a Business (Manager) Page account or from a personal profile

Surprise! You went into your Facebook Page to a) either share something on/from a business Page you want to follow or b) to “like” a new business Page and found the traditional interface had changed or you couldn’t find where to search for a Page. As it’s a good practice to “Like” or Follow relevant/complementary businesses, there are 2 […]

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Google My Business Post feature that makes your business stand out on Google in organic search results

If You Don’t Have Your Google My Business Profile Optimized, You’re Missing Out on Important Organic Search Benefits In June of 2017, Google My Business announced the availability of a new posting feature that’ll help attract attention when your company shows up in SERPs (search engine result pages). Your listing appears when people are searching for your […]

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12-Video Marketing Automation Course — A simple tool to grow your business

Once in a blue moon, something comes around that’s too good to pass up; too good for me not to share with you. Well, today is one of those times. Because Leadpages has put together an incredible and thorough educational course on Marketing Automation for Small Business, with a super high production value… …and they’re […]

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5 Quick Tips About Email

Starting an email program? Try these 5 quick tips to get a strong start. Carefully choose an email platform. There are multiple email platforms available for companies, big or small, large lists to just starting out.  If you’re a small company just  starting out and would like a program that offers automation for a small […]

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