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If your website ranks poorly on Google, a technical website audit is in order. The good news is that we can provide a comprehensive report on the effectiveness of your website.

Why You Need a Website Audit

A website audit is highly recommended to help you identify problems with your website that are making your business the best kept secret ever, rather than a highly visible brand. A website audit will uncover any elements of your site that do not meet search engine requirements for crawling and indexing.

Equally important, a website audit can help you avoid costly repairs later as one issue compounds on the other. Even worse, you may spend lots of time and money creating fantastic content and backlinks to get high search rankings for your site but it may all be in vain. If there are technical problems on your website, your hard work will mean nothing because your content will be seen only by a select few.

What You’ll Get

Business owners will benefit greatly from this detailed analysis of their website’s health, performance, and speed. You’ll get a clear indication of any factors that can have a negative impact on search engines’ ability to find your site.

Common technical findings of website audits include inadvertent content duplication, keyword cannibalisation, broken internal links and redirect chains, an inconsistent XML sitemap or a robots.txt file that is blocking Googlebot. If there are issues with your content, meta tags and HTTPS security protocols, the website audit will also reveal them.

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A note about the importance of mobile:

Your analytics will show you how many visitors are coming from mobile. The importance of a mobile-friendly website is not to be overlooked. With nearly 2/3 of the world on smartphones, and growing, more and more people are using their mobile device for practically every digital activity. If your site isn’t responsive or mobile friendly, then you’re pretty much blocking approximately 35% or more of potential visitors from seeing your content.

Remember, the search engines are designed to give a searcher what they want, when they want it, and where they want it. If your website misses the boat on mobile, then your website won’t show up in top results when potential customers are searching.

How to Use Website Audit Results

Website audit findings identify key site issues, which you can prioritize and rectify before they cause further harm to your website’s health and hurt the site’s search engine crawlability over an extended period. This is the first step in improving and optimizing your site in critical areas such as compliance with SEO best practice and speeding up loading time so you don’t lose potential visitors before they even see your website. In other words, a website audit is essential for any business owner who wants a clear picture of the effectiveness of their site.

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