Teresa Acosta, founder of Marketing Mocktail

Teresa Acosta

Happily committed to building value and driving sales for small business owners

Located in Bend, Oregon, means waking up happy and ready to help you get happier with your marketing results! Nine years in the online marketing space; 20+ years total marketing experience (formerly Marketing Mocktail).

As a solopreneur, my ideal client is a small business, usually 15 employees or less. The majority of clients have used my services for several years, and I also enjoy working on short-term projects or helping out as needed.

What you can expect from the Bend Ridge Group:

  • Learns and cares about your goals and aspirations for your business.
  • Inspires and supports you in your marketing initiatives with creative, results-oriented ideas.
  • Sets realistic expectations. Marketing is a courtship not a date; a journey, not a destination. Builds relationships:  think 1-on-1.
  • Measures what we’re doing and how it’s working. Will make changes based on data to continually improve results.
  • Stays up-to-date on trends, tools, and best practices.


  • 60-Minute Marketing Consult: $60.00. For new clients, this special-rate call is helpful if you want to do the work yourself but want some fresh ideas and guidance. This call will help save you time and money.
  • Marketing Consulting: $115/hour. If you’re looking for guidance and not ready or needing help with hands-on work, consulting is a good fit. You’ll get valuable advice, tips and strategies for growing and promoting your small business.
  • Implementation Rate: $80.00/hour. This is the rate if you need help on an “as needed” basis for a variety of marketing tasks.
  • Monthly Rate Packages: See Email Marketing package

Google Certification: Online Marketing Fundamentals
Market Motive Certification: Social Media

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