Email smart by following these 5 quick tipsStarting an email program? Try these 5 quick tips to get a strong start.

  1. Carefully choose an email platform. There are multiple email platforms available for companies, big or small, large lists to just starting out.  If you’re a small company just  starting out and would like a program that offers automation for a small fee, try It’s a powerhouse platform and the training videos are pretty funny and easy to follow, an added bonus.
  2. Know the purpose of your email campaign. Who are you trying to reach and what action do you desire them to take?
  3. Include a Call-to Action (CTA) in every email. If you don’t ask your reader to take an action, whether it’s simply joining you on Facebook, forwarding to a colleague/friend, purchasing a discounted item, signing up for a webinar, filling out a survey, visiting your website, scheduling an appointment… then there’s no point in sending out the email.
  4. Make sure your email content is focused and clear. Put yourself in the shoes of the reader. We’re all busy people and an email filled with too much information can be off-putting. One technique is to put snippets in the email with “Read more…” links. This way, the email appears digestible in nugget-sized pieces of information, much easier to absorb.
  5. Review reporting results. For every email sent, get in the habit of reviewing the report for that email. You’ll want to track what subject lines are getting higher open rates and what readers are clicking on. Are readers converting? In other words, is the reader taking the action that you desire? When the results are good, pay attention to button sizes, colors, wording, general layout of the emails that are more successful and duplicate those winning features in your next email. As your list grows enough to get statistically signficant results, begin to implement A/B testing.

If you work through these important basics, the investment in time and money that you put into your email marketing programs will pay off sooner. For help with your email marketing initiatives, contact us today to find out what’s involved in getting started.


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