Free 12 video marketing course!Once in a blue moon, something comes around that’s too good to pass up; too good for me not to share with you.

Well, today is one of those times.

Because Leadpages has put together an incredible and thorough educational course on Marketing Automation for Small Business, with a super high production value…

…and they’re allowing me to give it to you at no cost whatsoever. No catch, no obligation, nothing.

In about two hours, you can watch the entire 12-video course, created by Bob Jenkins, Manager of Marketing Education at Leadpages, and be further on the way to a business that runs on autopilot.

Leadpages created this course to demystify the world of marketing automation for you, so you can finally benefit from the leverage that automation can give to your business.

The best part? It’s even easier than you’d think.

What you’re about to see in this course will save you time, boost your sales, and help you reach (and serve) your audience more impactfully.

Download the entire course right here. ←

In this 12-module course, you’ll gain the insights, strategies, and tactics you need to succeed with automating more of your marketing, including:

A comprehensive deep dive into an aspect of business that ultimately cuts down the time you’re spending on your business, increases the predictability of your results, and leverages what’s working in your marketing.

Direct strategies and recommendations from Leadpages automation masters, Chris Davis and Nate Johnson. Plus, get “the Future of Marketing Automation” insights from our CEO and co-founder, Clay Collins.

Favorite automation ideas and tactics to help boost your knowledge from industry leading automation experts at Hubspot, AWeber, Active Campaign, and Infusionsoft.

When you download the course, along with the videos, you’ll also get MP3s, transcripts, a mindmap, and more.

Go here to check out the course right now.

I can’t believe they’re giving away all this much valuable content. I’ve taken a look at the course, and the quality is through the roof.

I just want you to have this so you can grow your business faster.

To your success,


P.S. Thanks again for being a part of my community. I hope you enjoy this complimentary gift. I can’t wait to share more valuable content like this!

Get the entire 12-part course here.

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